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As a Civil Litigation law firm, Stawicki Law Office primarily represents clients and businesses at the "trial court" level. When the judge or jury disagree with your trial court attorney an appeals attorney can aid in requesting the higher court to review the lower court's decision.

An appeals attorney must be experienced and skilled in research and writing as they will need to present facts, errors and supporting law to the appeals court in order to persuade the reviewing court that the trial court made an error.
At Stawicki Law Office, we are a respected civil appeals law firm.

Civil Litigation Appeals Attorney - Stawicki Law Office

How Are Appeals Different From Trials?

A trial involves both documentary and in person testimony as evidence where either a judge or jury issues a judgment. At a trial, evidence is collected, witnesses are questioned, and this "builds a record" while you seek to prevail on the merits of your claim or defense. For an appeal, you are asserting errors have been made during the trial and use the "record" before the trial court to demonstrate what errors occurred.

What Should You Know About Appeals?

Time is of the essence! You only have a small window for you and your attorney to file a Notice of Appeal with the court after a trial court issues a final and/or appealable decision. If too much time has passed, an appeals court may refuse to consider your appeal.

In civil cases, it may be favorable to appeal the outcome of your case if you and/or your attorney suspect mistakes in the process, if the other party lied, or if there were missed steps that affected the outcome to your detriment. Always seek the guidance of your civil attorney before taking any action. You'll need to work swiftly alongside your attorney to take the appropriate steps to request that an appellate court review your case.

Not Happy With Your Judgment?

Let Stawicki Law Office represent your interests at the appellate court level and fight for a better outcome.

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