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Businesses face a complex world of legal obligations and challenges. Knowing how to navigate local, state and federal laws and successfully handle disputes with consumers, vendors, and competitors requires vigorous representation and guidance.

Stawicki Law Office offers extensive experience and the skills needed in a wide range of business legal issues in Chicago and surrounding areas. 

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What Does a Commercial Litigation Attorney Do?

A commercial, or business, litigation attorney represents a company in a financial dispute. The role of a business litigation attorney is to protect the company's rights and obtain the best outcome during and at the end of the litigation process.

The fist step after initially contacting a commercial litigation attorney is to analyze your case. You will be required to answer questions and provide any relevant proof to help the attorney understand how to best proceed. Depending on the situation, you might be seeking representation or acting as a claimant. By having a full understanding of your situation, a commercial litigation attorney such as Stawicki Law Office can decide the best legal option that will minimize the financial risks for your business.

Common Types of Business Disputes

We've represented business owners and professionals in a variety of disputes with competitors, affiliates, consumers, vendors, employees and others. The type of disputes that may arise are:

Breach of Contract

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Business Fraud

Debt Collection

Partnership Disputes

Contract Performance Disputes

Billing Disputes

Employment Disputes

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