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Abuse of power is not only wrong but unjust. Fortunately, in the United States we have the Bill of Rights, which guarantees all persons in this country certain rights. The freedom to speak your mind, live where you want, work without discrimination based on race, gender or age is granted to you as an American.

If you believe your civil rights have been violated, we encourage you to contact us at Stawicki Law Office for your free case evaluation.

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Advocating For Your Individual Rights

Every day individuals across the country face hardship or discrimination and are denied opportunities due to unfair practices, perceptions, and wrongful actions. Sadly, many of these instances go unnoticed due to lack of legal representation, knowledge, or intimidation. At Stawicki Law Office, we give you peace of mind if you have a legitimate case and can advise you whether filling for a dispute is the best course of action. Below are a few civil rights areas we can help but not limited to:

Fair Housing

Illinois Human Rights Act

Race Discrimination

Age Discrimination

Housing Discrimination

Examples of Civil Rights Violations

Having an understanding and compassionate attorney on your side can help minimize the anxiety and stress that often arises when your civil rights have been threatened. As a civil rights attorney, Stawicki Law Office can help you ease the tension and fight a legal battle the right way when it comes to your freedoms being violated.

Below are examples of civil rights violations people experience:

Unreasonalble search and seizures

Wrongfully fired or passed over for a promotion due to discrimination

Abuse or harassment by a public official or authority figure

Mortgage, business loan, or rental lease denial based on race, gender, sexual orientation or age

Being denied employment because of pregnancy or disability

Should I Sue For:Discrimination?

More often than not, Americans are not sure if filling a discrimination dispute or violation of civil rights case is right for them. This could be due to many reasons such as misinformation, threats, fear of incarceration, defamation and many more. The only way to know if you have a legitimate case is to talk to an experienced civil rights firm such as Stawicki Law Office.

We are well positioned and have successfully resolved sensitive civil rights cases.

Restore Your Rights

If you or a loved one believe their rights have been violated, contact Stawicki Law Office for your free legal consultation.

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