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New laws in Illinois now protect people over 60 years old from financial abuse. As a result of people living longer and becoming more attentive to their financial wellbeing this area of law continues to grow and diversify. Because elder abuse laws have changed recently it is vital to find an Elder Law attorney who is skilled, knowledgeable, and up-to-date about the latest policies and legal issues in their respective geographical area.

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Finding the right elder law attorney starts with an assessment of your needs. If you need help with estate planning, our Chicagoland elder law firm has strong estate planning experience. If you believe your rights or those of an older loved one have been violated, our elder law litigation firm will go to court and fight for you and your loved ones.

Elder Abuse

Financial Exploitation of an Elderly Person

Theft of Elderly Parent's Assets

Healthcare Provider Caregiver Theft

Undue Influence

Breach of a Fiduciary Duty

Nursing Home Billing Disputes & Negligence

What is Elder Abuse & Neglect

Surprisingly and unfortunately, elder abuse is more common than people think. Knowing the signs, acting swiftly and working with an elder law attorney can make all the difference before major emotional and financial harm is done.
Below are a few types of elder abuse:

Physical Elder Abuse

This is a non-accidental use of force that results in physical pain, injury or impairment. Can include inappropriate use of drugs, restraints, or confinement.

Emotional Edler Abuse

Emotional or psychological pain or distress such as: intimidation by yelling, humiliation, ignorance, continuous blaming, terrorizing or menacing.

Sexual Edler Abuse

Inappropriate contact without consent. Such contact can include: physical sexual acts, forcefully watching of sexual acts, or forcing an elder to undress.

Elder Neglect

Failures of caregiver obligations. Can be intentional or unintentional based on factors of denial or ignorance. Most common reported case.

Financial Exploitation

Unauthorized use of funds, assets or property by either a caregiver, guardian, or scam artist. See Elderly Financial Exploitation for more info.

Healthcare Fraud or Abuse

Usually involves unethical doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, and other professional care providers. Examples of elderly healthcare fraud are:

  • Not providing healthcare but charging for it
  • Overcharging or double-billing for medial care
  • Prescribing certain drugs for the benefit of the provider not the patient
  • Recommending fraudulent remedies
  • Overdosing
  • Medicaid fraud

Don't Tolerate Elderly Abuse

The elderly are the most vulnerable to abuse and often times try to hide it.
If you suspect your loved one is a victim of elder abuse, contact Stawicki Law Office for a free consolation.

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