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Proper estate planning can help avoid court involvement and disputes between the two parties involved in an estate or trust arrangement. However, there are times when a party needs to take legal action in order to resolve a disputed estate plan or trust arrangement.

Cases involving will contests, trust contests, improper actions of a trustee and recovery of estate assets are complex and challenging even for skilled litigators. Stawicki Law Office has the experience in estate & trust law to take the necessary action to achieve your desired outcome.

Estate and Trusts Attorney

What is Estate Litigation?

Estate litigation refers to legal proceedings to resolve disputes over assets of a loved one who has passed away. Most of the time this involves challenging the validity of a will by filing a complaint in a decedent's estate. A judge or jury can declare a will or trust to be void if the person who made the will or trust lacked testamentary capacity or because a beneficiary had influenced the decedent's drafting of the will or trust.

Estate litigation can also involve challenging a will or trust even when the person is still living, usually this is the case with an elderly person with diminished capacity who needs a guardian appointed.

When Do I Need a Trust Litigation Attorney?

A trust litigation attorney becomes necessary when disputes start to arise between heirs and beneficiaries during the organized distribution of property. Usually, a trust is constructed with clearly stated instructions, however, legal issues can still become an issue and require the services of a trust litigation attorney.

Here are a few reasons why a legal challenge may take place:

An unauthorized person created the trust

The creator of the trust was under pressure

Breach of fiduciary responsibilities

Document forgery

The legal battle of an estate or trust contest can be very complex and will involve a highly skilled and experienced attorney to effectively represent you.

To ensure the best possible result for your estate/trust case, contact Stawicki Law Office as soon as possible.

Successful Estate/Trust Representation

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