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Illinois has very specific laws governing the rights and obligations of renters and building owners. At Stawicki Law Office, we represent tenants and landlords in the case of a dispute involving breach of contract, evictions, and tenants rights.

We have successfully resolved landlord/tenant disputes for our clients throughout Chicagoland.

Landlord Tenant Law Attorney - Stawicki Law Office

Reasons You May Need A Landlord/Tenant Attorney

Working with an attorney that has experience with Illinois landlord and tenant laws can place your mind at ease by having a professional look over your lease agreement or representing you should a dispute arise.

Landlord is wrongfully withholding security deposit

Safety or unresolved property issues leading to health problems

Wrongful Eviction or Proper Eviction Procedure


Landlord Harassment

Matters Our Northbrook Landlord/Tenant Law Firm Handles

At Stawicki Law Office we understand both sides. We've seen many tenants being taken advantage of and uneasy landlords with uncooperative tenants. Whichever side you find yourself on, we will sit down with you and figure out the best action plan. We'll explain the whole legal process step by step with landlord & tenant disputes such as:

Lease Disputes

Security Deposit Disputes

Injury Claims

Eviction Claims

Chicago's Landlord & Tenant Attorney

Having an experienced landlord/tenant attorney is not enough.
You need an attorney that can represent your best interests while connecting with you and your situation.

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