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Contesting a will, trust, or guardianship arrangement has a greater success rate if an experienced attorney is by your side. Defending against a contested guardianship or defending the validity of a will or trust requires knowing current laws and knowing the best course of action to take given your situation.

Because probate cases can be incredibly complex and tend to arise at an emotional time, it's that much more critical to work with an experienced attorney to represent you effectively. At Stawicki Law Office, we've successfully resolved numerous disputes involving will & trust contests, breach of fiduciary duty, financial abuse of elderly persons, guardianship litigation & more. Stawicki Law Office is a recognized law firm in estate, trust, and probate litigation.

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What Is Probate?

Probate is the legal process in which a deceased individual’s heirs receive his or her assets. It also ensures that the deceased individual’s outstanding debts and taxes are paid off using the funds from his or her estate.

In short, probate is the court process used to oversee the closing and resolution of any issues that need to be resolved after an individual’s death. The probate process is lengthy and very court-process intense.

As a qualified Chicago probate attorney, we assist you with organizing this process including: handling all court appearances, probate filings, public notices, assigning an “Executor” (or “Representative”) and also litigating any claims against the estate from creditors or family members.

Probate, Estate, & Trust Litigation

These kinds of cases are already emotionally hard and much can happen during the probate process. Have peace of mind knowing no matter the nature of your case and situation, Stawicki Law Office is more than capable of representing your best interest effectively and aggressively.

We are prepared to handle a variety of cases in relation to probate, estate and trust litigation including:

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Citations to Recover and Discover Assets

Decendent's Estate Litigation

Lack of Mental Capacity

Removal of Executors, Trustees and Agents under POA

Theft, Improper Withdraws & Mismanagement

Total Return Trusts

Trust & Will Contests

Trust Construction, Interpretation & Reformation

Will Construction, Interpretation & Reformation

Probate Law and Court Procedures Are Complex

Probate law and its process can be complicated to navigate. It's best to have a skilled and experienced attorney to effectively represent you.

Commonly Asked Probate Law Questions

Administering a loved ones estate plan or contesting a will and/or trust comes with many questions and can be confusing which is why you as the individual should not go at it alone. During a probate case, many difficulties can arise and in all reality, no matter the issue or type of dispute, it is almost certainly legally complex.

There are many laws that govern how you can contest a will or trust since there are laws that protect the trustees and the person who signed their last will & wishes, however, as an experienced probate attorney in estate litigation, we can determine the best strategy for you.

It is not entirely possible to avoid probate in Illinois with a will. A properly written and constructed will does not guarantee exemption of probate court. When deciding to construct a will, it is best advised to use an attorney who's experienced in probate law and court proceedings.

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